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29 May 2024

Q&A with AI in Real Estate Event Producer

Q&A with AI in Real Estate Event Producer
Q&A with AI in Real Estate Event Producer
Why the AI in RE event is being hosted, must attend panels, and why this event stands out amidst decades of producing. 

Aamidor Consulting continues to provide insight to smart building innovators in this section. This month, we speak with Steve Glener, Director of Research, Information Management Network (IMN). We speak with Steve about what attendees can expect at the June AI event in New York

Q: First, why is the AI event being hosted? How did you decide to launch it?

Steve: IMN has launched our AI in Real Estate Forum because many of our customers from other conferences were interested in how they can use AI to minimize expenses, streamline operations and make better decisions.

Q: What types of real estate organizations and asset classes are represented?

We have a large cross section of different types of organizations represented. Large and small owners and operators. REITS, funds, partnerships and venture capital providers are attending. Functions at the real estate firms including technology, property, asset management and finance areas as well as “C-Suite” participants.

Q: Why is this event different compared to other real estate events?

The brand new element of this area and IMN’s approach constructs an methodology that all attendees can follow to learn how their peers are transforming their operations, from planning to pilot, to replacing redundant tasks and improving workflow automation to re-inventing their tenants’ experiences.  There is just so many new applications and moving parts the interest in the room will be high.

Q: For those attending, what are some of the must-see panels?

Tough question.  There are so many distinct discussions that all make up part of the equation. I think our pre-conference virtual discussion, Being Able To Talk To The Tech Guys… AI Real Estate For Non-Tech Professionals, will be key for those who are new to this area.  Another one would be the Large Real Estate Owner Operator Panel with companies lIke Barings,  BH Management; FCP, Invitation Homes and Starwood Capital Group speaking on how they are using AI.


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