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27 Apr 2024

IMN celebrates 30th Anniversary as the Premier Real Estate Conference Organizer

IMN celebrates 30th Anniversary as the Premier Real Estate Conference Organizer

This year marks IMN’s (Information Management Network) 30th anniversary as the premier real estate conference business in the United States. Hosting over 50 events annually, IMN provides a high-quality intelligence and networking platform that drives industry connections, deal flow and knowledge transfer across multiple corporate functions and property types. 

IMN’s conferences cover a multitude of asset classes including:

  • SFR and Build-to-Rent
  • Private Fund Investing
  • Home Equity Investments
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights
  • Non-QM and DSCR
  • Multifamily
  • Distressed Opportunities
  • Family Office Investments & Capital Raising
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Short Term Rental
  • ESG and many more.

The IMN team prides itself on deep customer relationships and domain expertise that enable a unique responsiveness to market opportunities in the creation of innovative must-attend industry events.

“I am delighted to see the continued evolution and growth of our conferences as we continue to be the platform of choice for our customers,” said Andy Melvin, IMN Managing Director. “It’s been 30 years, but we really feel like we’re just getting started.”

This year IMN is launching more programs than ever before, including conferences on Home Equity Investments, Accessory Dwelling Units, Real Estate Asset Management and Industrial Outdoor Storage, as well as exciting new additions to our growing portfolio of best-in-class gatherings. Our growing flagship events, considered must-attend dealmaking meeting points by industry thought leaders, continue to gather the leading lights, and deliver improved business outcomes in their respective segments. 

IMN looks forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming events.  For more information, please contact or view our full calendar listing of events online here:

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