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Foxen on Why You Should be Prioritizing Renters Insurance

Live at The 11th Annual SFR West, but the 1st SFR West for Foxen team members: Sarah and George.

Sarah and George cover a range in this conversation, from renters insurance: the struggles but also the solutions. Plus, the products to help rent reporting - across both residents and properties - ESG scoring and rewarding, and more.

"For rent reporting, at Foxen we created a solution to deliver to both single family and multifamily - a really new but exciting product."

Thank you to our speaker contributors: Sarah Creighton, VP of Sales and Business Development, Foxen George Sacco, Managing Director, Marketing, Foxen

"We feel really welcomed and are very impressed of the tenure of the attendees. It's really an environment of inclusivity. It's just been a great experience."

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