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09 May 2024

What does AI mean for the Real Estate Industry?

Virginia Suliman was brought into Invitation Homes to do two things:
1. Create a world class technology organization for a public company that's growing.
2. Elevate the digital footprint and look at what digital needs to look like within the real estate industry.

What Does AI Mean for the Real Estate Industry?🚀 Dive into the latest podcast episode with Virginia Suliman, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Invitation Homes. Ahead of speaking at the AI in Real Estate conference, Virginia discusses the intersection of technology and real estate, what the next five years could look like, and even the ideal superpower alongside the tech profession! #RealEstateTech #AIinRealEstate #PodcastEpisode #IMNEvents.

Register for the AI in Real Estate Conference today:
"AI is such a diverse topic, and there's a lot of breadth to it. I'm really interested to understand how the industry is thinking about it."