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13 Jun 2024

Meet PMG: Corporate Stability, Financial Strength and Bespoke Technology

Corporate stability, financial strength, and bespoke technology, Planet Management Group are a unique multi-channel servicer and sub-servicer, with a particular specialism in business purpose loans, single family rental portfolios and commercial backed real estate loans. Here’s all you need to know on the extensive ways they support their clients.

0.23 - An overview of Planet Loan Servicing
1.12 - What unique value proposition does Planet offer?
2.26 - Why are clients (lenders and aggregators) moving DSCR and SFR portfolio investments to Planet?
2:50 - How does Planet’s servicing platform help investors adapt to changing portfolio dynamics to maintain efficiency and ROI?
4:03 - What are best practices for evaluating and selecting a servicer in the SFR space?
5:15 - What value do you get from attending IMN conferences?

Spotlight Interview Live from SFR East, MIAMI FL